Morinville Farmers Market

    What We Offer

    We have a wide variety of Vendors that offer a variety of different products. Some examples are listed below.

    Craft and Artisan Products

    • Knitted, Crocheted, Sewn Items
    • Baby Items - Clothing, Stuffies
    • Wood Crafted Items
    • Bath Bombs, Shower Fizzes
    • Jewelry
    • Hand Knotted Bracelets & Keychains
    • Stained Glass Art
    • Handmade Keychains
    • Pet Items - Treats, Bandanas, etc.
    • Custom Travel Cups, Car Decals
    • Hand Painted Wine Glasses
    • Paintings
    • Photographs
    • Bird Feeders
    • Seasonal Items
    • Home Décor
    • Candles
    • Natural Soaps
    • Household Cleaning Products
    • Crystals, Gemstones, Fossils
    • And so much more....

    Food & Agricultural Products

    • Honey
    • Beeswax Products
    • Distilleries - Gin, Vodka, Flavored Wines
    • Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
    • Herbs
    • Dry Dip Mixes, Seasonings, Spices, Spice Blends
    • Jams, Jellies
    • Preserves
    • Pre-made Frozen Foods
    • Baking - Breads, Muffins, Pies, Sweets
    • Chocolate
    • Frozen Meats
    • Gluten Free/Aware Products

    We also allow some Reseller Vendors, below is some examples.


    • Norwex
    • Luv21
    • Color Street Nails
    • Sunset Gourmet
    • Tupperware


    Types of Vendors

    At the Morinville Farmers' Market we have different types of Vendors, listed below, we also welcome Buskers and Non-Profit/Community Groups to our Market. Outdoor Market Fees are based on a 10x10 space. 


      • Seasonal Vendors apply for all dates and will (for the most part) receive the same stall every Sunday.
        • Seasonal Vendors pay a seasonal fee of $480 for 23 Markets ((does not include the Markets at the Garrison) (must be paid in prior to May 7th))


    • Weekly Vendors have chosen which Sundays they will attend and will be placed based on their product type and distanced from Vendors selling like items.
      • Market stall fee $25


    • Casual Vendors give 72 hours or more notice of attendance to the Market and will be placed on a first come, first-serve basis.
      • Market stall fee $25


    • Youth Vendors are welcome and encouraged to join our Market. Youth Vendors pay a reduced fee of $10/Market.

    Food Truck

    • Food Truck Vendors pay a fee of $50/Market.


    Non-Profit/Community Group

    Vendor 101

    Tips on how to be a successful Vendor


    Display a sign with your business name, where it can be clearly seen.

    • Is it clearly legible?
    • Is it eye-catching?
    • Will a customer know what you sell by looking at your sign?

    How you set up your display is an easy way to catch customers attention and draw them in

    • Use of signs
    • Clearly marked products and prices
    • Use of levels to showcase products and utilize space
    • Nicely packaged products
    • Neat and tidy arrangement
    • Use of colors
    • Be creative, put your own style into your booth and let your personality shine.


    • Engage with your customers!
    • Attitude is everything! Friendly, welcoming, open, informative Vendors can make the difference between a customer that walks away and one that makes a purchase, returning and telling people about the purchase
    • Greet your customers with a smile and say “hello”
    • Standing in your tent is inviting – and if you can’t stand bringing your chair to the front of your tent is more welcoming than if you sit at the back on the phone or reading a book
    • If a customer is unsure or has a special request, have a business card so that they have your contact information handy
    • Sample your product


    • Have prices on the product or use signs to show the price of multiple products
    • Food products need to be labelled according to Federal and Provincial Regulations
    • If your product has something that makes it stand out or makes it different and unique than other like products showcase that (e.g. Award Winning, One Of A Kind, 100% Homemade, etc..)
    • If you have a special or deal going on, have a sign displayed to showcase the value the customer will be receiving
    • Have a business card, or have your contact information available for customers
    • Can customers request a customized version of your product(s)?
    • Do you have a website or Facebook page with more products?


    Do I require a business license to sell at the market?
    No, to sell at the Morinville Farmers' Market you do not require a business license. However, to operate outside of the Market you may need a business license, contact your local City/Town Hall for information on businesses licenses.

    Do I require Insurance to sell at the Market?
    No, you are not required to have insurance. If you are a member of the AFMA you can apply for discounted insurance.

    Is there an ATM on site?
    No, we do not have an ATM at the Market. However, most Vendors do have alternatives to cash available.

    What about allergies and food?
    All our Food Vendors are required to follow the Federal and Provincial Regulations for labelling their products. This requires them to have ingredients listed on their products, and notice of allergens. If you are unsure, our Vendors would be happy to answer any questions you have about their products.

    Where do I park?
    There is parking in the parking lot of the Ray McDonald Arena, as well as on the road in front of the Community Garden. Parking may be limited, depending on the weather and events occurring at the arena.

    Are Dogs allowed at the market?
    Yes, we do allow for dogs to visit our Market. To keep our Market clean, we ask that you clean up after your dog.

    What if it is raining?
    The Morinville Farmers’ Market is an all-weather market, which means we operate in the rain, shine, or snow. The Market will remain open and operational unless severe weather prompts the Market to be delayed or to close.

    Can I smoke at the Market?
    We do not have a smoking rule at the Market, however, please be mindful of other visitors, and vendors as we want to be welcoming and open to all. If you do want to have a smoke while at the Market we do ask that you step outside of the Market area.

    More questions or concerns?
    Contact us by email or by phone (780) 939-9462.

    Application Forms

    Vendor Application
    Busker Application
    Rules & Regulations
    Home Study Course
    Non-Profit Application
    Morinville Farmers Market
    Market Hours & Location

    Sundays 12 - 4
    May - October

    104 Street in front of the Rendez-Vous Centre

    Sunny Girl Approved

    The Morinville Farmers' Market is proud to be an Alberta Approved Farmers' Market.

    Sunny Girl Approved

    The Morinville Farmers' Market is proud to be an Alberta Approved Farmers' Market.

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