Morinville Farmers Market

    What We Offer

    Craft and artisan products

    Examples of past vendors who supply this category include but are not limited to:

    • knitted, crochet items
    • sewing products
    • Ornaments & home decor
    • handmade wood items
    • greeting cards
    • handmade jewellery
    • Christmas or other seasonal holiday crafts

    Resale Products

    Examples include but are not limited to:

    • Tupperware
    • Partylite
    • Herbal Magic

    Concession & Take Home Foods

    Examples are but not limited to:

    • Food & Dairy (includes meat, fish, poultry, dairy and eggs): Vendors that raise their own animals and process them directly for food consumption.
    • Baking & Preserves: Vendors who make, bake, and create food for consumption from homegrown or purchased ingredients.
    • Produce: Vendors who grow their own produce, such as vegetables and/or fruit, for food consumption.
    • Greenhouse: Vendors who grow vegetables, fruit, flowers and/or bedding plants in their greenhouse.
    • Ready-to-Eat: Vendors who make value-added products for food consumption from homegrown or purchased ingredients.


    We have a variety of Vendors each week during our Indoor & Outdoor Market.

    There are Seasonal, Casual, Non- Profit, and Buskers.

    A Seasonal Vendor is someone who has agreed to be present every week during either the Indoor Market or the Outdoor Market.

    A Weekly Vendor has provided a schedule to the market manager of which weeks they will be present during either season, the Indoor or the Outdoor.

    A Casual Vendor is someone who usually tells the Market Manager that week that they would like to attend as a Vendor.  There is no set schedule on their attendance during either the Indoor or Outdoor Market.

    A Non – Profit Vendor is there to raise awareness for their cause

    A Busker is there to provide a service or entertainment by donation.  Could be a musician, an artist, balloon animal maker, a politician. Buskers do not normally agree to attend for the season but on a week to week basis.

    Rules and Regulations

    Vendors are accepted based on the items approved as listed on the application form, and as such may only sell approved items.  Any changes or additions to product lines must be given to the Market Manager in writing for approval IN ADVANCE.

    1. All food vendors are responsible to know and comply with all applicable health regulations.
    2. Vendor tables are subject to inspection by Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, AFMA (Alberta Farmers’ Market Association) and Capital Health without notice.
    3. Any vendor found not to be in compliance with Capital Health will be immediately removed from the market.
    4. All prepared food items MUST be labelled, clearly stating the vendor’s name and address etc….as set out in all applicable health regulations
    5. Vendors providing samples must supply garbage containers in a location easily visible and accessible to customers.
    6. Vendors must remove all garbage including bags, boxes, and refuse from produce.  All vendors are responsible for cleaning up their stall area.
    7. Vendors obtain the right to use the assigned stall and are responsible to either use the space or to provide, to the Market Manager, 24 hours advance notice that the space will not be utilized for a specific date or dates.  Failure to notify the Market Manager by 11 am Thursday before the Market will result in a forfeiture of any refund available.
    8. Vendors MAY NOT loan, give or sublease the stall assigned to them.
    9. Vendors are required to be in place and ready to operate 15 minutes prior to public opening for each Market day.
    10. Vendors are required to remain in place until the market closes unless otherwise specified by the Market Manager.
    11. Public selling begins on time and NO EARLIER.  This excludes sales vendor to vendor.
    12. Public selling will end promptly on time and NO LATER.
    13. Each Vendor will be assigned a stall.  Preference for a location will be given only to our Seasonal Vendors.  A final decision on vendor location is up to the Market Manager.  No Vendor may set up in any other location than the space assigned to them.
    14. All tables and displays must fit within the designated area.  Vendors using more than the allotted space will be charged for a 2nd stall.
    15. Vendors are to bring their own supplies. If power is required you will need to bring your own extension cords.
    16. Vendors are expected to behave in an ethical & professional manner at all times.  Failure to do so will result in an automatic expulsion and all monies forfeited.   Expulsion from the Farmers’ Market will also result in the expulsion from all events sponsored by the Festival Society.
    17. Disputes among vendors and/or customers must be brought to the Market Manager.  Rude and/or crude behaviour towards anyone will not be tolerated in the marketplace.
    18. Vendors who have complaints concerning the market, its operation, rules, etc. may address these to the Market Manager.  If there is an unsatisfactory resolution of the concern(s) please fill out a Notice of Dispute.  Submit the Notice of Dispute and all supporting documents to the Morinville Festival Society c/o the Market Manager.
    19. Failure to comply with Market Rules & Regulations may result in, and not necessarily in this order:  a written warning; a $25.00 charge, and/or loss of permanent or weekly stall(s).  Loss of permanent or weekly stall(s) will result in all monies being forfeited.  All decisions made by the Committee appointed Farmers’ Market Manager are final.

    Phone # 780-940-7166

    Vendor 101

    How to be a successful Vendor? We asked the seasoned, experienced vendors what makes them successful and here is their list

    Yes, Presentation is everything,

    • Is your tent clearly marked with what you sell?
    • If you have a business name, is it clearly stated somewhere eye-catching? If a potential shopper stands at the end of the row of tents can they tell from a distance what you sell or are you easily searchable if a shopper is looking for you specifically?
    • Are your products marked with a price? customers really don’ t like asking how much on every product
    • Is your display clean? neat, tidy?
    • Are you the vendor present in your tent? Vendors who tend to wander around tend to lose sales.
    • Do YOU look presentable?  Yes, customers will look at you and decide whether to purchase your product based on YOU.

    You need to “woo” the passing customer

    • Are you standing near the front of your tent/stall?  Vendors who tend to sit at the back of the tent engaged in a book, mobile device or other tend to miss sales as customers like a friendly vendor
    • Are you smiling and saying hello to passing potential customers?
    • Do you acknowledge with a friendly greeting every person who enters your tent/stall area?

    How will the passerby know who you are?

    • Do you have a flyer or business card visible for pick up by customers?  You want your customer to come back to you, give them your info to contact you outside of market hours for new stock of your product.
    • Do you offer samples or testers of your product? if so how do you let those customers who walk past know?
    • Is it clear what kind of payments you take? Cash, cheque? interac? Credit cards? Customers like to know how they can pay so they can “shop” more accurately.


    • Is it clearly labelled WHAT you sell? Don’t assume people know by looking at your product
    • If you make your product, are the ingredients clearly labelled as we live in a society where allergies are prominent and people are looking for certain ingredients?
    • There may be other vendors with similar products to what you are selling but what makes yours different and unique?  Target that characteristic, examples could be:
      • 100% NATURAL
      • 100% HOMEMADE
      • AWARD WINNING – then list your awards
      • ONE OF A KIND
    • If there is another similar vendor/product the customer isn’t there to bargain shop, they want quality, friendly service, and consistency.  If you are a one time vendor to our market and a customer really likes your product and you don’t come back to the market, then you have lost a return customer to your competition.

    Download the Government of Alberta, Agricultural and Rural Development Information Sheet on How to be a Farmer's Market Vendor HERE


    Do I require a business licence to sell at the market?
    No, to sell your products during the market hours a license is not required, however, you may need a Valid Business License if you sell your products outside of market hours, you will need to inquire with your City/Town Hall for that information

    Do I require Insurance to sell at the Market?
    No, you are not required to have insurance, if you are a member of the AFMA you can apply for discounted insurance.

    Is there an ATM on site?

    What about allergies and food?
    All Food Vendors are required to list all ingredients on their products so you can be aware of ingredients for allergy concerns.

    Are there washrooms?
    Inside the lobby of the arena are public washrooms

    Where do I park?
    The outdoor market takes up the parking lot so all parking will need to take place on 104 st. For the indoor market hours please park in the parking lot

    Are Dogs allowed at the market?
    For the indoor market, no animals are permitted inside at all.
    For the Outdoor market please be respectful of the volume of people that are in attendance, allergies to animals, vendors restrictions along with the safety & enjoyment of all participants. If you must bring your animal, please ensure they are on a leash at all times, you clean up after your animal and to respect the vendor's tents.

    What if it is raining?
    Our vendors are prepared for rain or shine. Don’t let the weather stop you, wear comfy shoes, bring an umbrella and have some fun.

    Is there a rule about smoking?
    We have not had to enforce a non-smoking outdoor market to date, we ask that if you need to take a “smoke break” that you please be mindful of our vendors, visitors, allergies & sensitivities to second-hand smoke.  For Indoor market hours, all smoking must be outside.

    Application Forms

    Vendor Application
    Busker Application
    Rules & Regulations
    Home Study Course
    Non-Profit Application
    Christmas Craft Fair
    Morinville Farmers Market

    Sunday's 12:00pm - 4:00pm
    Indoors/Outdoors May - November
    Rendez-Vous Center on 104


    As a certified Alberta approved farmers’ market, we are affiliated with a chain of high quality markets offering Alberta-produced products that consumers can trust.


    As a certified Alberta approved farmers’ market, we are affiliated with a chain of high quality markets offering Alberta-produced products that consumers can trust.