Frequently Asked Questions:


Do I require a Business License to Sell at the Market?

No, to sell your products during the market hours a license is not required, however you may need a Valid Business License if you sell your products outside of market hours, you will need to inquire with your City/Town Hall for that information

Do I require Insurance to sell at the Market?

No, you are not required to have insurance, if you are a member of the AFMA you can apply for discounted insurance.

 Is there an ATM on site?

Yes the arena installed a free standing ATM it is located inside the lobby near the washroom entrances

What about allergies and food?

All Food Vendors are required to list all ingredients on their products so you can be aware of ingredients for allergy concerns.

 Are there washrooms?

Inside the  lobby of the areana are public washrooms

Where do I park?

The outdoor market takes up the parking lot so all parking will need to take place on 104 st. For the indoor market hours please park in the parking lot

Are Dogs allowed at the market?

For the indoor market no animals are permitted inside at all.

For the Outdoor market please be respectful of the volume of people that are in attendance, allergies to animals, vendors restrictions along with the safety & enjoyment of all participants. If you must bring your animal, please ensure they are on a leash at all times, you clean up after your animal and to respect the vendors tents.

 What if it is raining?

Our vendors are prepared for rain or shine. Don’t let the weather stop you, wear comfy shoes, bring an umbrella and have some fun.

Is there a rule about smoking?

We have not had to enforce a non smoking outdoor market to date, we ask that if you need to take a “smoke break” that you please be mindful of our vendors, visitors, allergies & sensitivities to second hand smoke.  For Indoor market hours all smoking must be outside.

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