Become a Food Vendor

We offer Concession & take home Food Vendors

Examples are but not limited to:

  • Food & Dairy (includes meat, fish, poultry, dairy and eggs): Vendors that raise their own animals and process them directly for food consumption.
  • Baking & Preserves: Vendors who make, bake, and create food for consumption from home grown or purchased ingredients.
  • Produce: Vendors who grow their own produce, such as vegetables and/or fruit, for food consumption.
  • Greenhouse: Vendors who grow vegetables, fruit, flowers and/or bedding plants in their greenhouse.
  • Ready-to-Eat: Vendors who make value added products for food consumption from home grown or purchased ingredients.

Regulations & Rules:


  • All food vendors are responsible to know and comply with all applicable health regulations.
  • Vendor tables are subject to inspection by Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, AFMA (Alberta Farmers’ Market Association) and Capital Health without notice.
  • Any vendor found not to be in compliance with Capital Health will be immediately removed from the market.
  • All prepared food items MUST be labeled, clearly stating the vendor’s name, address, phone #  as set out in all applicable health regulations
  • If selling Eggs and they are not federally inspected the carton must be labeled ” Un-inspected Eggs”
  • Foods containing popular allergy reactions, such as but not limited to: dairy, nuts, gluten and berries must be labeled containing such ingredients. ( IE – food product contains nuts)
  • Vendors providing samples must supply garbage containers in a location easily visible and accessible to customers.
  • Vendors selling food must meet all Food Safety guidelines as outlined by Alberta Health Services. Please contact AHS at 780-460-
    4751 or for more information
  • Vendors are required to have completed, passed and have their certificate from the Farmers’ Market Home Study Course


Some important info that you need to be aware of can be found here:


If you have any questions you can contact our areas Health Inspector Karen Hislop at 780.460.4751

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